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Environ Treatments for Men

Men are competing more than ever in the job market.  It is vital to look and feel your very best to stay in the game.  EDEN provides treatments that refresh skin and relax aching muscles.  We have multiple options for anti-aging solutions that take little time to maintain. Turn back the time and create an even new attractiveness about yourself.

We use use state of the art technology to drive active ingredients deep into the skin, resulting in a glowing, youthful complexion.  Our procedures are not about quick-fixes or injectable toxins, they work in harmony with the skin resulting in maximum long-term benefits.


Ionzyme Vitamin Treatment 90 Minutes -  £85

Packed with anti-ageing ingredients, the Ionzyme treatment will leave your skin looking radiant and dewy. Active nutrients are driven deep into the skin using soundwaves and gentle electrical pulses to stimulate collagen, soften lines and boost elasticity.
Environ® Skin Peel 60 Minutes  -  £85

Highly effective and safe peel designed to address photo damaged and problematic skin.  Superficial treatment preserves integrity of the epidermis. This gentle peeling treatment helps to clear the complexion, refine lines & wrinkles, boost hydration and calm inflammation.


Environ® Body Profile Treatment 

and Massage 90 Minutes - £85

This effective treatment is a great way to help get rid of the 'love handles' or add extra definition to already toned areas while enjoying a relaxing massage.

Aromatherapy Massage

£40 (30 minutes)

£65 (60 minutes)* 

Course of 6   £200 (30 minutes)
Course of 6  £325 (*60 minutes)


Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils derived from plants to affect your mood and alleviate pain.  Essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil.  The use of up to five oils in a mixture are chosen based on what you need.  The massage consists of light to medium pressure focusing on lymphatic drainage and muscle manipulation, resulting in deep relaxation.  



Back £25

Hot Wax B.S.C. £27

Any other waxing needs: POA